Welcome to Les Hostises de Boscherville Bed and Breakfast

Situated in Saint-Martin de Boscherville in Normandy, Les Hostises will provide you with great food and B&B accommodation for a midweek or weekend break, for out of season or summer holiday, for a special or romantic occasion or if you are looking for an outstanding haven on a business trip in the Rouen area.
From our four bedrooms and from the terrace you can relish the stunning view of the abbey-church and its formal garden recently restored to its 18th century splendour and enjoy the exquisite spring and summer scents of the plants for which it has become famous – under a Norman sun that is not as discreet as some would suggest.
Our guests are welcome to lounge about in our romantic garden.There is ample room within our premises to park several cars.

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l'abbaye - Les Hostises de Boscherville

Location, environment and history of Les Hostises (

Christelle and Olivier offer B&B accommodation for up to 13 people in their two-hundred-year-old house built within the walls of Saint George’s abbey. All the rooms look onto the spectacular abbey-church, built in the 12th century and a masterpiece of Norman architecture. The name “hostises” (13th century French) refers to little cottages inhabited by serfs (“host” in medieval French) who paid a rent to the landlord for the use of the buildings. The French language has another word (which then passed into English). for “hostise”: “tenure”.
Les Hostises B&B is located on the inside of the first meander of the river Seine downstream from Rouen, 6 miles to the west of the former capital of the dukes of Normandy. Saint George’s is the first stop after Rouen on the Norman abbeys circuit before Jumièges and Saint-Wandrille de Fontenelle. It is also half way between Giverny and Honfleur if you are following the impressionist painters’ trail.
The village of Saint-Martin de Boscherville is an architectural jewel nestling in a green setting. It lies at the heart of the Boucles de la Seine Normande (Seine Valley loops) regional park, on the edge of the Roumare forest. It is set above marshes and peat bogs. It is ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

Our rooms

Each bedroom has been renovated and decorated with great care and has its own colour and atmosphere so as to cater to different tastes. This change of scenery will allow you to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.Should you need to relax any further, our large sitting-room that is facing the abbey-church is at your disposal. One end is organised into a library and contains history books, fiction and books that delve into local interests. In winter you can choose to sit snugly near the wide tufa period fireplace and enjoy the stunning view. In summer you can step onto the terrace that faces the abbey-church.Our smaller sitting-room fitted with a kitchen corner is the perfect place to prepare your next outing or enjoy a gourmet dish upon a late arrival.

In the vicinity

The microclimate of the Seine Valley allows you to follow the « fruit trail » as it makes it possible to grow the traditional Norman apples and pears as well as cherries and plums that can be eaten freshly picked or transformed into jam.
A quarter of an hour away from your B&B is Rouen, the French city with the highest proportion of historic monuments per square mile.
The 100,000-strong city is convivial and perfect for going shopping at weekends – it is ideal if you want to fully enjoy the sales period.
Yet, Rouen is also home to very dynamic museums. A whiff of oils and watercolours still lingers in the air that impressionist painters once breathed. The wind still swells the sails of majestic old sailing ships.

Host Table

For breakfast we serve the highly regarded Norman white gold – the butter made with local cow milk and regional non-pasteurized cheese – as well as fruit from the Jumièges fruit trail (freshly picked or transformed into jam) and home made pastries.
If you choose to dine at our table on week-end (booking is required) you will share a most convivial dinner with us on our large elm dinner table and enjoy local and seasonal produce and some not so classic Norman recipes.

Once upon a time… our house

Where our house now stands there used to be the sexton’s garden two centuries ago.At the beginning of last century the house was occupied by a grocer–cum-haberdasher–cum-ironmonger-cum-innkeeper who rented his rooms by the hour to pressed-for-time couples…
Until the beginning of the 2000s you could have dined in a renowned restaurant.

Today we offer our guests four comfortable rooms to relax and unwind for their midweek and weekend breaks as well as longer stays. We also provide them with a dinner (booking is compulsory) should they wish so on Friday and Saturday nights as well as during school breaks. On weekdays and outside school breaks an “assiette gourmande” (a one-dish meal) can be ordered.


The privilege of preview visits allowed me to discover the magic of this majestic place.The sun illuminates the abbey which then offers us its most beautiful finery.The setting is serene and elegant, fluid and soothing. It is a beautiful haven of peace to recharge our batteries and to unfold all our vitality.See you soon for the richness of a moment of sharing!


Are you looking for a bed and breakfast in Normandy that combines charm and comfort or a table d'hôte for an excellent traditional meal?See you at the Hostises de Boscherville!


Thank you for the good time spent in your company.Excellent meal and breakfast...A big bravo for your investment....We leave resourced, and it is with happiness that we will come back to say hello with the whole family this time ...

Corinne et Jerôme